Only unopened products are eligible for free exchange. If you would like to return any Emma accessory because you have ordered the wrong size, please follow the below steps to return your product(s) and get your refund.

Step 1: Create a new order for the new sizes.

Step 2: Take pictures of the unopened (it has to be unopened) products and send the pictures to our Customer Support team via email at to file the case together with the new order number for the new size. The new order number is necessary to show your intention to exchange the product.

Requirement of the pictures: 4 angles of the package + label on the box + sealed tag showing the box is unopen + 1 overall picture showing the package is not damaged

Step 3: Customers need to deliver their parcels to our warehouse via S.F. Express or other courier companies at their own cost.

Step 4: Our warehouse will check the condition of the package. If there are no issues, our Customer Support team will contact you via email regarding the refund.